Compare the Care: Senior Housing Options in Greenville, MI

Alternatives to Assisted Living

Housing options and alternatives to assisted living for seniors in Michigan have changed drastically, which is why it’s more important than ever to understand the difference between your choices. As you begin your search, use this guide to help you determine which senior living option is best for you or your loved one.

When comparing the options, look for an environment that can accommodate changing needs with appropriate care. While comparing the care available you can also review the cost and value associated with each option.

Senior Housing Options

Home Care / Private Duty Care Independent / Retirement Community Assisted Living Nursing Home
Cost $20 – $50 /hr $905 – $5,925+ /mo $3,578-$9,622+ /mo $8,000-$10,000+ /mo
Licensed by the State of Michigan  N/A  N/A
Medication Management
Personal Care
Incontinence Care
Meals  3+  3+
Personal Laundry
Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care N/A

Additional fees or third-party provider
Included in feeds

Assisted Living Alternatives Category Descriptions

Home Care/Private Duty

  • Ideal for seniors who need assistance with daily household chores.
  • Ideal for active seniors who have involved family members who can “stop by” to assist on a daily basis.
  • Ideal for seniors who can prepare meals, provide basic care for themselves, and appropriately take their medications.

Independent / Retirement Communities

  • Ideal for active seniors 55+ who are having a hard time keeping up with household chores.
  • The apartments are typically private with fully equipped kitchens.
  • Some meals are prepared, but dining services can be optional.
  • Most communities will have a third party agency on-site to provide (non-licensed) care services; for an extra fee.

Assisted Living Communities

  • Ideal for seniors who are in need of assistance and/or supervision.
  • Provide care that includes, but is not limited to bathing, personal hygiene, mobility & medication management.
  • Private apartment options are available. ŸSocialization is a key component, therefore daily activities are provided.
  • Assistance is provided 24 hours a day and may be supervised by an RN or LPN. Ÿ Licensed by the State of Michigan.
  • Most include 3 meals, laundry, utilities, housekeeping, cable, linens, and 24 hour supervision.
  • Monthly fees are a combination of rent, personal care, & supplies. Understanding the fee structures is very important.
  • Some accept residents who require higher levels of care; such as 2 person transfers or total physical dependence.

Nursing Homes

  • Provide 24 hour skilled nursing care for the elderly. Residents usually require a high level of medical care provided by licensed medical staff and a medical director.
  • Residents typically share a room and are served meals in a central dining area.
  • Many nursing homes provide short-term rehabilitative stays for those recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery.